We strive to combine the best of the diapers market and at the same time to bring the products to the buyers at a low and affordable price

Our team is constantly searching for new solutions and suppliers to improve the quality of the product. Our goal is to change the stereotype developed in many people: - “The most expensive- hence the most environmentally friendly and high quality”. We strive to create a high quality diaper at a low price, so you could save by taking care of the family budget
From day one you will realize that this is an excellent diaper and trustworthy. It will relieve you of a great number of cares enabling you to spend more time for the child's and family's benefit. Bal Balam products are able to satisfy the needs of even the most hard-to-please parents
One of our main principles is production and improvement of import-replacing and socially important products, increase in relative density of domestically produced goods in the total goods turnover of the country. The production line is designed to produce more than 13 million pieces per year, which will satisfy the needs of not only the domestic market, but to export a considerable part to foreign countries
We intend to increase the production volumes as well as to further diversify the production, to expand the range of products, to reorient commodity markets, to master new kinds of production for the purpose of increase in the production efficiency

Experience the newest and highest quality of our products!

"Bal Balam" is a high quality, reasonable price, child comfort and happiness to parents!


Production line:
  • Cellulose in rolls for moisture absorbing and provision of diaper comfort
  • Diaper breathing soft upper layer (film) with Bal Balam one-colour logo
  • Sanitary-and-hygienic paper for wrapping of an absorbing layer
  • Water-proof soft nonwoven internal material for avoidance of moisture leak
  • Internal soft nonwoven breathing material for improved moisture absorption
  • Moisture-distributing inner layer
  • Side velcro
  • Tape-belt with fasteners for velcro fastening enabling to adjust a waist size with Bal Balam logo
  • Elastic soft tape (elastic bands) for diaper cuffs for prevention from moisture leak
  • Hyperallergenic glue for material gluing
  • Hypoallergenic glue for gluing of elastic bands (elastic soft tape) with nonwoven breathing material
  • Paper stretch - tape-belt for more tightly waist fit
  • Absorbing super-absorbing polymer