Children diapers «Bal Balam» have a number of advantages:

  • Diapers allows the child's skin to “breathe”
  • Diapers do not hinder the child's movement
  • Materials used are absolutely hypoallergenic
  • Diapers provide minimal contact with the skin when wet
  • Diapers are notable for bright and original design
  • High quality at a low price

Bal Balam diapers
are specially designed for sensitive children's skin

  • Girdle
  • Upper covering layer
  • Distributing layer
  • Internal absorbing layer
  • Protective layer
  • Lower covering layer
  • Yuok cuffs on both sides
  • Elastic bands
  • Fasteners – “velcro”

The upper covering layer - directly in contact with the child's skin and transfers fluids into the diaper. The top layer is made of breathable nonwoven material similar to natural fabric. The material fibers (elastic fiber fabric) undergo additional treatment for even greater smoothness that prevents even the least chafing. The elastic fiber fabric provides a superfine and ideal fit. The breathing fabrics used protects the skin of your baby from irritation and heat rash

The distributing layer – nonwoven fabric with microholes – increases the absorption speed and prevents the repeated penetration of fluids with the skin

The internal absorbing layer - this layer is made up of superabsorbent polymer and natural fiber (cellulose fluff pulp). The natural fiber evenly distributes the fluid across the absorbent layer and does not allow absorbent to lump due to which the diaper always remains thin and a large amount of the absorbent increases absorption and prevents leakage. Also, natural fiber in the inner layer of the diaper neutralizes unpleasant smell. The momentary absorption creates a feeling of dryness and freshness

The protective layer - special structure of Bal Balam diapers enables instant absorption and securely holds the moisture inside

The lower covering layer - is a soft and smooth material similar to natural fabric

The girdle - gathered in a wavy manner on the back, forms a soft elastic band that enable the diaper to be pulled snug against the child's waist not squeezing the tummy

The fasteners – “velcro” - elastic adhesive tapes which can be adjusted as per the child's body sizes

Yuok cuffs on both sides and elastic bands - on edge gently support the diaper on the child (do not leave marks on the skin, do not press and do not squeeze)

Bal Balam diapers are designed considering the peculiarities of each age stage of the child

Depending on the child's age and weight range the diapers are produced as per the following sizes:
  • For newborns “New bady” No1 - from the moment of birth up to 6 kg
  • Medium sizes “Midi” No2 - from 6 to 9 kg
  • Large sizes “Maxi” No3 - from 9 to 12 kg
  • Extra large sizes “Junior” No4 - from 12 kg and over
Disposable Children’s Diapers BAL BALAM
Size Child’s Weight (kg) Number of Diapers per 1 package (pcs.)
New Baby Up to 6 24
Midi 6 - 9 20
Maxi 9 - 12 20
Junior Over 12 18

Workflow for manufacturing of baby diapers "Bal Balam"

  • Supply of a cellulose roll to a production line
  • Cellulose crushing and loosing
  • Formation of an absorbing layer out of cellulose and super-absorbing polymer
  • Wrapping of an absorbing layer in a sanitary-and-hygienic paper
  • Adding of a uniform distribution layer as well as materials helping to avoid moisture leak
  • Pressing of all layers
  • Cutting of layers as per a diaper target size
  • Wrapping of an absorbing layer into external breathing fabric with the manufacturer logo
  • Gluing in of an soft elastic band in diaper cuffs for avoidance of moisture leak
  • Installation of a belt with the manufacturer logo with micro-fasteners on a diaper waist front part
  • Gluing of a paper stretch - tape-belt on a back edge for better tightly fit of a diaper to the child body.
  • Gluing of side velcro which will “be clasped” on a diaper front part
  • Formation and cutting of surpluses along the width as per a diaper target size
  • Longitudinal folding of a diaper
  • Formation and cutting of surpluses along the length as per a diaper target size
  • Folding of a finished diaper
  • Output of finished products and laying in packing